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DIY Blue spiral crochet bracelet

Ниже МК по изготовлению браслета на английском языке, а описание на русском найдете на Рукодельных Равликах.

Before we start, I´d like to note, that I'm not an expert jewellery maker: even tools were found in my husbands toolbox. :) Technique I use is simple, intuitive.

I'm going to show basic steps, which I hope will help you easilly create your own unique bracelet.


Chain stitch     - ch., ch. st.
Single crochet - sc.


Memory wire
Round-nose pliers
Wire cutters
Bead cups(required only if you are going to make bracelet without beads)
Steinbach Wolle „Capri“ cotton yarn
Auxiliary thread: thin and strong approx. 80 cm
Crochet hook: 1,5 mm

I used Czech fire-polished glass beads and 6 bead cups to cover edges of the crochet rope, but they can be left uncovered.
As auxiliary thread I  used some cotton yarn leftovers.
Length, quantity and order of layers and also width of the bracelet are up to you.
I made seven layers: beads(in random order), crochet rope( approx. 35 cm), beads, crochet rope, beads, crochet rope and beads.


Step 1: Crochet Rope

Chain 6. 

Join to beginning to make a circle.

Pull your auxiliary thread through the circle so that crochet circle will be in the center of the thread and leave it like that. Don't pull the thread out, just work around it.

Work counterclockwise and back loop only(work under the second loop of the stitch from yourself).

Sc in each of 6 chs. Do not join rounds, and work in a spiral instead, single crocheting in each stitch around until the desired length is reached.

Step 2: Bracelet. Working with wire.

Make a loop on a wire with round-nose pliers.

String beads and a bead cup(if you are going to use them) onto it.
Then bend a loop on another end of the wire(from now on work only with this end of the wire).
Take one end of the auxiliary thread and tie a knot on a loop.

Pull the other end of the auxiliary thread and gently move crochet rope onto wire.

To hide yarn ends use tapestry needle or pull yarn end into the rope and outside with your hook as it is shown on the picture below and cut the extra yarn off.

When bracelet is ready make a loop on a wire right after the last bead and snip off the excess wire.


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